Document engagment analytics for the enterprise

Know how viewers engage with your documents

Get valuable feedback on the proposals, research and other documents you send out to colleagues and clients - you spend a lot of time putting them together and now you can find out how people engage with your materials


Gather marketing intelligence by tracking your documents

Review advanced page-by-page analytics and access statistics

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Protect document content with remote access control and watermaks

Seamless user experience without cumbersome add-ins or registrations

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How it works: As easy as 1-2-3!

Upload document

Simple drag&drop allows you to quickly upload documents that you would like to share.

Activate features

Enable remote access, tracking watermarking, and expiry and other security features.


Share a link or send a file and start using features.

How it's different

Gain insights

Instead of sending a document into a black box, you get access statistics.

Tailored for financial services

With many years experience in financial services, we understand your needs and concerns.

Native Document Support

Use PDFs, docs, ppts as you normally would, except your files are tracked and secured.

Security made simple

No complicated setup or add-ins required, just 3 simple steps.

Control over your documents

Share your documents but retain access control down to the individual recipient.

Have your say

We take customer feedback very serious and develop the features you want.

Use Cases

Research Reports

Gather insights into how clients engage with your reports to improve your research offering. Reduce unauthorized redistribution by reviewing access statistics and displaying watermarks.

Client Proposals

Financial advisors, investor relations and other sales representatives can follow up with clients on specific parts of a proposal and thus increase conversion.

Investor Reports

Leverage newsletters, pitch books and due diligence materials to engage with investors and clients. Limit information leakage and identify potential leaks by checking access statistics and including watermarks.

Due Diligence

Control sensitive information once it has left your organization by having remote access control. Automatically generated watermarks reduce the risk of unauthorized redistribution and identify leaks.

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